ij.start.canon - Setup Guide to Canon Printer

Today, everyone is moving toward digitization at a breakneck pace. Therefore, several pieces of technology are making their way into people’s homes and workspace. A printer is one of those technologies. Thus, you must opt for a Canon printer to suit your contemporary requirement. Furthermore, gone are the days when people used to rush to cyber cafes to get simple soft copies. Where else should I seek a printer if Canon is a top producer? Moreover, Canon makes sure that everything is convenient for its consumers. Henceforth, they produce feature-rich printers catering to different requirements of consumers. In addition, ij.start.canon makes it simple and easy for users to perform a Canon printer setup. To take advantage of the amazing features of your Canon printer, the setup is crucial, which any user can do by navigating to ij.start.canon

Canon has made it evident that quality and client comfort are its guiding principles. Thus, users can get the comfort of a top-notch printing experience without any hassle. Not only that, but Canon also made sure to include a plethora of features that unabashedly make the printing equipment an option for both homes and offices. However, to get all these seamless, reliable, professional, and easy-to-use attributes follow the below directions for Canon printer setup via ij.start.cannon.

Canon Printer Setup for Printer Hardware

The first step in the complete configuration of a Canon printer is installing the components. Thus, you must finish the hardware setup process before downloading and installing the Canon printer drivers on your system:

➔ Start by carefully taking out the printer device from the packaging.

➔ Here be mindful about removing any plastic wrapping and tape from the inside. Also, avoid using excessive force during unpacking to prevent scratching or damaging the device.

➔ Once it has been unpacked, use the included power cord to connect your printer to a power source.

➔ After that, turn on your Canon printer device.

➔ Go to the control panel to modify your language, time, date, and location choices.

➔ Lastly, insert paper and cartridges gently into the printer.

How to Download Canon Printer Drivers?

Following the printer hardware setup, the next is downloading and installing Canon Printer Drivers using ij.start.canon on your respective operating systems. Everything, from sending commands to printing, is under the authority of the printer driver. Additionally, ij start canon is the most trustworthy website to download your printer driver from. For a detailed breakdown of the process, adhere to the steps below:

First, gather any nearby smart device like a laptop or a computer.      

Fire up that computer and open a secure web browser.

Now in that browser’s URL bar, type ij.start.cannon or ij.start.canon. Then press enter. 

After that, you will land on the ij.start.cannon home page; from there, select the “Canon Printer Setup” tab.

Now, the product window will appear, and users will get a variety of Canon printer drivers.

Here you must determine the suitable driver for your printer’s model number. Therefore, enter the correct model number of your Canon printer into the search bar.

Next, click the “go” button, and you will be redirected to a page showing the appropriate driver download link for your Canon printer.

Before continuing, ensure you are downloading the appropriate ij.start.cannon printer driver.

Then, choose the “OS” option in the corner based on your computer’s compatibility.

Finally, the driver download process will then start after you choose “download” from the menu.

Using the directions for the ij.start.canon printer and the driver download, every user can perform the printer driver download without hassle. The installation of the Canon printer driver comes next in the complete procedure.

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Windows Users' Setup

Once you have downloaded the printer driver, consider your setup halfway done. Now, based on your OS, you must install the printer driver to access the feature-rich capabilities of your printer device. The following installation instructions are for Windows OS users. 

Furthermore, this section covers all the Windows versions compatible with Canon printer drivers. Every version of Windows operates without a hitch up to and including Windows 7 (SP1 with 32-bit and 64-bit PCs other than Starter Edition) (and up to Windows 11 with version 1607 and anything above). Now, adhere to the following procedure below.

Start by downloading the necessary drivers from the printer’s official website at “https/ij.start.canon.”

After downloading the drivers, install them and select “USB connection” from the menu.

Next, open the “Control Panel” from your Windows menu.

Under Control Panel > Devices & Printers, there is an option to Add a Printer.

On that tab, choose “Add a printer,” the associated Canon printer, and a confirmation that your device is connected to the printer through a USB cable will appear on the screen.

Then tap on the “your printer device” option to add the Canon printer to the list of printers.

When the printer has been correctly installed, the printer option will finally appear on your computer’s screen.

Lastly, run the “print a test page” to ensure the installation is complete.

Mac Users' setup

Mac OS- The Mac versions 10.14, 10.13, v10.12, and OS X v10.11 all function flawlessly.

The below directions allow Mac users to install the driver and finish configuring their Canon printer properly. Therefore, carefully adhere to the steps below:

Navigate to the “https/ij.start.canon” page on the official Canon website to download all required drivers first.

Next, install them to carry out the process.

Now, you must click the “Apple” menu in the top right corner of your Mac OS device to open “System Preferences.”

Select “Printer & Scanners” from the menu after entering the system settings.

Then add a new device by clicking the “+” symbol in the “Printers & Scanners” section.

There will be a pop-up window indicating all the nearby printers.

Select your Canon printer, and then wait a moment or two as the connection establishes itself.

Lastly, run the “print a test page” to ensure the installation is complete.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my Canon printer showing offline status?

There are numerous more causes for the same issue, so it's not just the Offline status that prevents printing. Your printer won't print and will display an offline error message due to the usage of an outdated printer driver, a poor connection between the printer and the computer, low ink levels, etc. Therefore, attend to all such possibilities to solve the issues quickly.

2. Why isn't my printer working?

The Printer Not Responding issue happens when your printer is offline while you are printing. Furthermore, your printer might not function or respond for various reasons, including a bad cable connection or a paper jam. In addition, damaged or missing printer drivers can make your printer unresponsive.

3. How can I link my Computer to my Canon Printer?

A USB cable or a wireless connection can link the computer and the Canon printer. Using the USB cord to connect is the more straightforward option. Consider a USB cable with a printer port on one end and a computer port on the other. Thus, connect the printer and computer using a USB cord. Furthermore, connectivity between the PC and the printer will be established once the driver files are installed on the PC. Using a wireless router, you may link your PC to the printer.

4. How can I configure my Canon PIXMA MG3620?

No worries, the instructions mentioned above will guide you through it. Generally, the Canon printers' driver download and setup are similar now. Thus, you can follow the setup and download the updated driver of PIXMA mg3620 from above.